Veda Posit Aging is an LLC, based in Austin Texas.

Mission: Healthy Aging and Wellness for the 40+ individuals

Founder :Rekha Nath, PT, MHS, Geriatric certification, FSOAE

Functional Standards for Optimal Aging Expert

Rekha Nath is an experienced physical therapist who has been treating age-related disorders for over three decades. She has practiced at Emory University’s Center for rehabilitation medicine and been the Brain Injury Program clinical educator at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA. In her practice of neurology and geriatrics Rekha realized there is so much one can do to AGE HEALTHY. She would rather not see anyone have a stroke, a broken hip or debilitating back pain from Osteoporosis. Veda Posit Aging is a passionate expression of Rekha’s desire to share her knowledge and techniques for prevention and wellness. So that people can harness the power of aging happily by being more in control. She focuses on using simple home based techniques with minimal equipment so you won’t be overwhelmed. The advantage of Veda Posit Aging is that you have an experienced teacher and practitioner in Rekha who has boundless positive energy and years of experience with exercise therapy combined with elements of Tai Chi, Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, healthy and delicious eating, etc. She combines evidence-based practice, western science and well researched eastern philosophy, into a series of classes and educational seminars and blogs. Personalized exercise programs and practices in the comfort of your own home. She recommends starting with an annual fitness exam, even if you exercise regularly you may be missing key components to age healthy.

Healthy Aging is in your hands”